Is your child violent at home?

Children of all ages can be violent. We are used to toddlers lashing out and being told firmly “No! Don’t hit mummy”. The teenager shouting and slamming the door is repeated in many households.

Sometimes child violence is a phase or isolated incidents that can be managed through parenting.

But what if the violence wasn’t just a phase? What if it continues? What if you do not feel safe in your own home?What if you are scared of your own child?

One in ten families experience child to parent violence.

37% of children report sibling violence.

This is sometimes called the hidden side of domestic abuse.

Help is available.

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It can be hard to know where to turn for support if you are experiencing Child to Parent Violence or Sibling Violence within your family. We created this page for any families who are affected and for those who are supporting families affected by child violence.

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