Play It Through

Stepping Out

This has been a year of hibernation. Lockdown, isolate, stay home, small bubbles, no touch, furlough, essential journeys only, don’t travel too far. I know the impact that had on my own mental health. I have seen and heard glimpses of some of the impact it has had on my colleagues, clients and loved ones. I was not made for sedentary isolation. I was made to move. I was made to connect. In some surveys up to 70% of people […]

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Surfing on a sea of grief

Some types of pain and suffering are unique to each person I meet. Others are shared. Grief is something which affects everyone at some point (probably multiple points) in our lives. This year I had my own experience of grief. I cycled through my own stages of grief and mourning (Kübler-Ross, 1969); the anger, the despair, the fear for what would now change. I thought about Storymaking in Bereavement where Alida talks about a four tasks of grief: “(to mourn […]

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Nature Play Therapy in Countryfile South Wales

“As well as improving self esteem, tree climbing also encourages team work” This weeks episode of BBC’s Countryfile, Matt Baker visits a charity called Down To Earth on the Gower Peninsula, South Wales. One of the staff members he speaks to is Lois Woodward (from 53:21 mins in) who has an MA in Developmental and Therapeutic use of Play. Matt: Give us an idea of the science behind the therapy of play? Lois: For children it is their natural form […]

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