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City of Angels #DramatherapistAtTheTheatre

Stine is a writer. He has been noticed by big shot Hollywood producer Buddy and offered a three movie deal to write the screenplay turning his novels into movies. The Novels are about Stone, a private detective trying to solve cases and navigate his complex love life. I love this musical. I love the cleverness which parallels the fictional novel universe of Stone with the life of the writer Stine, with many of the protagonists and events he writes about […]

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Embodied Approaches to Eating Disorders Part 2 meditation and theatre

Last month I attended a three day training course called Embodied Approaches to Eating Disorders led by Laura Wood, Martin Redfern and Naomi Nygaard – all creative therapiss who are also trained in IFS. I am reflecting on and sharing some of the different strands of that training. Yesterday’s blog looked at an embodied approach to IFS which works with parts of self. Tomorrow’s blog will look at movement, improvisation and Developmental Transformations. Today’s blog will start with meditation and […]

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Emilia by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

In 1569, Emilia Bassano is born in England. Her Jewish father emigrated from Venice, Italy to England in 1549 to become a Court Musician for King Henry VIII, further back in her family tree, her ancestors were Shepherds in Morocco in the 1300’s. Emilia is a lady of the court but her race and religion are different from many of those around her. Raised in the Court of Queen Elizabeth I, she becomes the mistress of the Queen’s cousin but […]

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