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City of Angels #DramatherapistAtTheTheatre

Stine is a writer. He has been noticed by big shot Hollywood producer Buddy and offered a three movie deal to write the screenplay turning his novels into movies. The Novels are about Stone, a private detective trying to solve cases and navigate his complex love life. I love this musical. I love the cleverness which parallels the fictional novel universe of Stone with the life of the writer Stine, with many of the protagonists and events he writes about […]

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Embodied Approaches to Eating Disorders Part 1 Eating disorder and IFS Parts

At last years conference I attended a fantastic workshop called ‘Embodying the dis-embodied: dramatherapy interventions for every stage of eating disorder treatment’ led by Dr Laura Wood. In that three hour workshop, Laura introduced some of the approaches she used when working with clients at an eating disorder treatment centre. Laura asked important questions like “What happens when the identity of an eating disorder is what sustains the person?” – some of her clients believe they can not function without […]

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Zombie Zoo

Dominic McHale and Kevin Short star in Zombie Zoo, a story about a man trying to interrogate a zombie who has maintained a small slice of humanity. Can the zoo keeper negotiate with the zombie? Do zombies make deals? Does this zombie remember who he was before? Does he have the key to stop the zombie invasion? Zombie’s are a recurring horror within fiction and popular culture, from Frankestein to Michale Jackson’s Thriller to Shaun of The Dead. A zombie is a reanimated […]

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Collapsible #DramatherapistAtEdFringe

Collapsible is a brilliant one woman play by Margaret Perry produced by High Tide and Ellie Keel. Esther has just lost her job and recently broken up with her girlfriend. “I feel like a chair… like one of those folding chairs, you know?… Those collapsible chairs. Solid one minute and then.” Collapsible by Margaret Perry She asks her friends and family to describe her in a word or phrase and makes a list of her qualities to share at interviews. […]

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