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Follow the body

This month I attended an online conference called “Tracing Trauma” where 14 different speakers spoke for 1 hour each on different approaches to working with trauma in the body. I want to share three approaches which work with the bodies natural processes to help regulate and sooth the body after trauma. These methods engage the bodies parasympathetic nervous system – the system designed to bring us to a state of calm and rest.

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How is my body? Three approaches to engage with the wisdom of your body

This week I have been thinking about the body. One of the things I love about dramatherapy is that it is very holistic, interested in the body as well as the mind / subconscious / emotions. The phrase “your body is a temple” is originally found in The Bible but often used in wider culture. I have mixed feelings about this phrase, I like that it expresses how important self care is and I like the idea of our bodies […]

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