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Emilia by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

In 1569, Emilia Bassano is born in England. Her Jewish father emigrated from Venice, Italy to England in 1549 to become a Court Musician for King Henry VIII, further back in her family tree, her ancestors were Shepherds in Morocco in the 1300’s. Emilia is a lady of the court but her race and religion are different from many of those around her. Raised in the Court of Queen Elizabeth I, she becomes the mistress of the Queen’s cousin but […]

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Therapy Group – My Too-Big Emotions (Year 7-9)

Nothing breaks like a heart Everybody sometimes feels angry, sad, scared, jealous, disgusted, or worried – these are all normal emotions. For some people one or more of these normal emotions can feel like they are “Too Big” to manage or like they are taking over. Sometimes this feeling lasts for a short time but can feel very intense, other times this can last for a long time and it can seem like it will never end. Sometimes we know […]

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Snow Angel of Antarctica and Sugar Buddy

Yesterday, I went to see an Off West End production of two new plays by new theatre company The UnDisposables. The first play, the Snow Angel of Antarctica poignantly explored a sibling relationship including rivalry, bickering, caring and inspiring each other. Jimmy (Jaymin Michaels) and Ellie (Esther Joy Mackay) are twins. Jimmy, “the funny twin” is 10 minutes older than Ellie “the boring sensible twin”. Ellie is growing up, leaving home and going to university, while Jimmy spends his time listening […]

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