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Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) or Allied health professions (AHP) or National Health Service (NHS)

Dramatherapy: one of the Allied Health Professions

As a dramatherapist I am an Allied Health Professional (AHP): This mean I am one of a collection of 14 occupations representing the third largest clinical workforce in health and social care in England (after “medical and dental” and “nursing and midwifery”) and the third largest group employed by the NHS. The 14 AHP occupations are: Art therapists (for mental health) Dramatherapists (for mental health) Music therapists (for mental health) Chiropodists/podiatrists (for feet) Dietitians (for food and weight) Occupational therapists […]

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HCPC Registered Arts Therapists

I have just been registered as an Arts Therapist: dramatherapist through the Health and Care Professions Council. Many different types of counsellors and psychotherapists practice in the UK. Talking therapists are not legally required to be registered or regulated by any body. This means that anybody can call themselves a counsellor, even if they have done no counselling training. Many counselling jobs do specify that counsellors are registered, usually either through the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) or […]

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