Play It Through

Therapy Contract

This month I started seeing a new client. People often ask me “what happens in a dramatherapy session” – a tricky question for a therapy where every session is as unique as the client and current situation. But in that first session, actually there are some essential building blocks which get slotted together. It is important to explain what dramatherapy is to begin to build the therapeutic relationship. It is also important for the client and therapist to agree the […]

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Finding myself in the maze

I have spoken about parts of self as a model in dramatherapy to explore inner conflicts and different aspects of our personalities. When introducing this to a group, if the set up allows, my preferred method is to set up a labyrinth. Having been trained in the ritual theatre model of dramatherapy, with it’s focus on drama’s oldest roots into religious rites of passage, ceremony and community bonds, I am interested in how drama and theatre can help us connect […]

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Not hungry

In Greek mythology, there is a story about Echo and Narcissus. Echo had the prior misfortune to be caught in the cross fire between cheating Zeus and his jealous wife Hera. Hera responds by taking away Echo’s ability to speak, now she can only repeat the last thing someone else says. Meanwhile Narcissus angers Aphrodite because he is vain and arrogant so she causes him to fall in love with his own reflection. Echo sees Narcissus and falls in love […]

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If they knew the “real” me

“Put on a happy face” The reason that in courts people promise to tell “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”, is because in real life we are rarely that honest. An everyday example “oh hi, how are you?” How are you going to answer? Most people, in most settings reply something like “yeah good, you?” Maybe sometimes they will say something a little less positive such as “been better” or “well you know”. Not very many […]

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Therapy Group – My Too-Big Emotions (Year 7-9)

Nothing breaks like a heart Everybody sometimes feels angry, sad, scared, jealous, disgusted, or worried – these are all normal emotions. For some people one or more of these normal emotions can feel like they are “Too Big” to manage or like they are taking over. Sometimes this feeling lasts for a short time but can feel very intense, other times this can last for a long time and it can seem like it will never end. Sometimes we know […]

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