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Snakes, Circles and Selves: Toward an Alchemy of Dramatherapy by Robert Landy

This year I attended my first Dramatherapy Conference organised by the British Association of Dramatherapists. The 2018 theme was “Moving, progressing and coming back to self” and used the ancient Egyptian symbol of The Ouroboros – the serpent eating itself – to explore this. The Key Note ‘Snakes, Circles and Selves: Toward an Alchemy of Dramatherapy’ was by Dr Robert Landy. Beginning with two personal stories about going around in circles, Robert went on to explore the symbolism and significance of […]

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Mentoring Training

Our successful mentoring programme has so far trained 150 adults from the local community as mentors. They have gone on to mentor in schools, youth clubs, prisons, youth offending services, private practice and other settings. 15 days of professional training The training covers six modules. 1) Building Relationships Identifying your client group and appropriately advertising your services Establishing a strong rapport Stimulate ideas with practical resources, activities and games Encourage personal growth through art materials, creative writing and worksheets Inspire […]

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I don’t do theories

Last week I was observing a group therapeutic intervention in a secondary school. The project was clearly challenging and inspiring those who attended and the school had already started to notice positive change. At a break I was speaking to the main facilitator about the approach which I compared to the theory of Transactional Analysis developed by Dr. Eric Berne. The activities planned for the day had focused around both the Parent – Adult – Child theory and “The Games […]

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