Play It Through

Emilia by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

In 1569, Emilia Bassano is born in England. Her Jewish father emigrated from Venice, Italy to England in 1549 to become a Court Musician for King Henry VIII, further back in her family tree, her ancestors were Shepherds in Morocco in the 1300’s. Emilia is a lady of the court but her race and religion are different from many of those around her. Raised in the Court of Queen Elizabeth I, she becomes the mistress of the Queen’s cousin but […]

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Finding myself in the maze

I have spoken about parts of self as a model in dramatherapy to explore inner conflicts and different aspects of our personalities. When introducing this to a group, if the set up allows, my preferred method is to set up a labyrinth. Having been trained in the ritual theatre model of dramatherapy, with it’s focus on drama’s oldest roots into religious rites of passage, ceremony and community bonds, I am interested in how drama and theatre can help us connect […]

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Follow the body

This month I attended an online conference called “Tracing Trauma” where 14 different speakers spoke for 1 hour each on different approaches to working with trauma in the body. I want to share three approaches which work with the bodies natural processes to help regulate and sooth the body after trauma. These methods engage the bodies parasympathetic nervous system – the system designed to bring us to a state of calm and rest.

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