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Follow the body

This month I attended an online conference called “Tracing Trauma” where 14 different speakers spoke for 1 hour each on different approaches to working with trauma in the body. I want to share three approaches which work with the bodies natural processes to help regulate and sooth the body after trauma. These methods engage the bodies parasympathetic nervous system – the system designed to bring us to a state of calm and rest.

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Is she the victim or is she the enemy?

The news this week has been full of reports about Shamima Begum, the London school girl who at 15 years old, in February 2015, left her home and family in Britain, travelled to Syria and became an Isis Bride. Now that Isis is losing territory, Shamima finds herself in a refugee camp asking to please return home to Britain. Public opinion and government policy has decided she turned her back on Britain and is no longer British. But is she […]

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Instant Family

Yesterday I went to see the new movie Instant Family. The movie starts with Pete and Ellie Wagner, who have been putting off children until the right time – when they had a home, when they had careers, when they had money. When Ellie’s sister suggests they will never have children they begin to talk about their family plans. Pete is now worried that he may be too old to have a baby and jokes about adopting an older child. […]

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