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Stepping Out

This has been a year of hibernation. Lockdown, isolate, stay home, small bubbles, no touch, furlough, essential journeys only, don’t travel too far. I know the impact that had on my own mental health. I have seen and heard glimpses of some of the impact it has had on my colleagues, clients and loved ones. I was not made for sedentary isolation. I was made to move. I was made to connect. In some surveys up to 70% of people […]

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Green Screen in creative therapy

During lockdown I have been playing with different ways to do creative therapy as distance therapy. In this video I have been exploring ways to use the Green Screen options in Zoom. To use Green Screen, you need a plain backdrop (Green works best) and good lighting. The programme will then replace the background with images or videos to make it look like you are somewhere else. I explore how this can be used for: Visualisations and meditations Story telling […]

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Falling off a bike- tiny trauma’s

I’ve been doing a YouTube series called “tint trauma’s” looking at some of the everyday occurances which might lead some people to have a traumatised reaction. When I posted on Social Media last week to let my followers know I was starting this series, I was pleased to hear from Rosie who wanted to tell me her story. Rosie and I had a chat during the week and I invited her to record her story in her own words to […]

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Stages of grief and lockdown, a dramatherapist shares thoughts

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross defines the five phases of grief as denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. In this video, I apply this model to explore how people are coming to terms with lockdown, and all the many ways life has changed. I look at some of the social interactions and emotional responses at this time of adjustment which might be part of this grief.

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Super confessions of a dramatherapist

As a dramatherapist, I have read a lot about trauma, about child development, about creative approaches to therapy. I have read lots of Shakespeare and lots of fairytales and lots of myths. But there is one area, which I know is important, but an area where my familiarity has been lacking. I’ve been getting by on basic knowledge and broad cultural references but missing some of the nuance of a very important genra of stories. Superheros. While I’m not a […]

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City of Angels #DramatherapistAtTheTheatre

Stine is a writer. He has been noticed by big shot Hollywood producer Buddy and offered a three movie deal to write the screenplay turning his novels into movies. The Novels are about Stone, a private detective trying to solve cases and navigate his complex love life. I love this musical. I love the cleverness which parallels the fictional novel universe of Stone with the life of the writer Stine, with many of the protagonists and events he writes about […]

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Dramatherapy: one of the Allied Health Professions

As a dramatherapist I am an Allied Health Professional (AHP): This mean I am one of a collection of 14 occupations representing the third largest clinical workforce in health and social care in England (after “medical and dental” and “nursing and midwifery”) and the third largest group employed by the NHS. The 14 AHP occupations are: Art therapists (for mental health) Dramatherapists (for mental health) Music therapists (for mental health) Chiropodists/podiatrists (for feet) Dietitians (for food and weight) Occupational therapists […]

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