Amy is a fully trained Dramatherapist who works across London and Essex.

Experience: I have delivered dramatherapy:

  • within an NHS CAMHS team with child and adolescent emotional wellbeing & mental health.
  • within a youth and adolescents voluntary sector organisation;
  • within a school setting (children and parents);
  • within a community setting for adults with addictions and substance dependency;
  • within an NHS setting for older adults with dementia and cognitive loss; and
  • with clients who have experienced trauma, trafficking, bereavement, family separation, homelessness, PTSD

I also have experience:

  • as a school mentoring coordinator (mentoring, training, managing and supervising over 150 mentors);
  • in the interfaith and intercultural sector; and
  • as a youth worker (statutory and charity sectors).

I am interested in attachment and working with families to strengthen bonds and relationships. This includes families who have suffered a bereavement, families with depression or anxiety, reunited families (e.g. following incarceration or migration), family breakdown, family assessment centres, contact centres, children in care, adopted families

Style: Trained in the ritual theatre style of dramatherapy and with a personal interest in puppetry and Boal’s Forum Theatre.  I use a range of therapeutic approaches, adapted to meet each client’s needs, with a specific interest in how a deeper understanding of “who am I” can help align our thoughts, feelings, actions and sense of purpose.

I can work with groups and individual clients.

I was co-opted onto the Executive Committee for the British Association of Dramatherapists in March 2020 and work with them to raise the profile of dramatherapy in the UK.


  • Non-Violent Resistance, Level 1 & Group training (2021).
  • MA Dramatherapy, University of Roehampton (September 2016 – July 2018);
  • BA Drama, Applied Theatre and Education, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (September 2004 – July 2007);
  • Youth Work (2008);
  • Counselling Skills for Working with Children, CPCAB (2014 – 2015);
  • Education and Training Level 5 Diploma -QCF (2014 – 2016).
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