Water can be a great part of selfcare. Do you prefer jacuzzi bubbles or wild swimming? I tried the second at conference.

Sometimes self-care is saying yes to unexpected things.

When Becky posted on a dramatherapists Facebook group, asking if anyone wanted to go wild swimming during the conference, I said yes.

I love swimming at the beach. I would often play in rivers as a child. But the wild swimming trend is not something I have fully embraced as an adult; a hot bath soak seems more appealing.

And yet, the water was here. There was a chance for connection. There was a sensory experience. I packed my swimsuit.

I really valued having Becky with me, Becky got into freshwater swimming during lockdown and was able to share insightful tips.

Your neck will try to regulate your body temperature. Once your neck is underwater it stops trying to fight the difference between hot parts and cold parts, this helps your body to feel less cold once you are fully in than you did when it was only waist deep.

For the same reason, once you get out you start to shiver as your body tried to head you back up. Wearing a warm hat can help.

We swam near (but not too near) a swan and saw moorhens.


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