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Elisabeth Kübler-Ross defines the five phases of grief as denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. In this video, I apply this model to explore how people are coming to terms with lockdown, and all the many ways life has changed. I look at some of the social interactions and emotional responses at this time of adjustment which might be part of this grief.

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  1. I found your talk on stages of grief interesting. Its true.
    What is the difference between a drama therapist and an art therapist. I gained a diploma in art therapy and don’t know much about drama therapy.

    1. Thanks Sharron. I think the best answer to “what is the difference” might be “it depends”. Sometimes in dramatherapy we spend a whole session making art and then deciding how to display the art and what they wish to share about it; some of those sessions might be quite close to what you do. Some of your sessions could include performance art where the person uses their body to explore the art themes; some of that might be close to what I do. Equally, sometimes we might be very different – I use more role play and toys as projective objects. We both use the creative medium as a vehicle to explore the therapy themes. We are both within the wider remit of creative arts therapies, alongside music therapists and dance movement therapists. We also share some things with play therapists and eco therapists. The therapy is more than just the mind thinking, it is creative, expressive, playful, soulful, embodied.

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