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Nothing breaks like a heart

Everybody sometimes feels angry, sad, scared, jealous, disgusted, or worried – these are all normal emotions.

For some people one or more of these normal emotions can feel like they are “Too Big” to manage or like they are taking over. Sometimes this feeling lasts for a short time but can feel very intense, other times this can last for a long time and it can seem like it will never end.

Sometimes we know why we feel this way or can point to when it started but that doesn’t mean we know how to make the feelings less overwhelming. Other times we don’t know where these feeling comes from.

Needed Time

This group will meet for one week to explore these big emotions together. We will use games, drama, art and stories as a way to unpick the feelings, explore our reactions and hopefully learn some new tricks to stop them feeling “too” big.

You won’t be made to do anything you are not comfortable with, but you will be invited to try some new ways of expressing your emotions to find something which will work for you. It is difficult to say exactly what the sessions will involve because we will be exploring this together as a group and doing more of the things which work for us. The first day will focus on getting to know the group and building trust.

This is me

The group is run by Amy Willshire, a qualified and registered Dramatherapist. Amy has experience working with young people from many different backgrounds and with a range of circumstances.

Change Your Life

Dramatherapy is a bit like counselling or talking therapy because it is a safe space to bring important thoughts and feelings. Dramatherapy is also a bit like a drama club because it is a space to try new roles, have fun and work in a team.

Drama is one of the earliest forms of community healing and recent research has proved that we learn more through play where we are active and imaginative.

We Can Change (Infinity)

Who For: Young people aged 11-14 (Year 7 to 9)
What to wear: Clothes you can easily move in.
Where: Leytonstone (5 minutes from Leytonstone tube)
When: February Half Term, the group meets every day for 1 week between 2pm and 5pm. You must attend the whole group (15 hours in total).
How much: £300 for the full week.
How many: 1 therapist, between 4 to 8 young people

I’ll Be There

How do I join: Arrange an initial meeting to talk about the group.

Part of this meeting will be Amy and you. It is a chance to try a bit of dramatherapy to see if it is for you and to ask any questions. t’s also important to make sure this is the right group for you at the right time.

Part of the meeting will also be with your parent or guardian. They can also ask questions and this part will agree the consent for you to take part as we know any change works better if you have support.

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